Sunday, August 30, 2009

About those resolutions...

So.. My main resolution was to lose weight..I am happy to say that I accomplished that in so many ways!!! I started out with the whole exercise 6 days a week and realized that no human mother with 3 kids, a full time job and sports commitments for her children could exercise that much.. SOMETHING had to give..So, I dieted and lost about 10 pounds.. THEN baseball season started.. I didnt gain any weight but I didnt lose any, either! UGH

I was becoming so frustrated..In April, I met with my thyroid doctor and was told about the HCG diet.I was a little scared because it included a diet of 500 calories daily and daily shots of HCG.. After I mulled over it for about 2 weeks with Steve, I decided to "take one for the family" and be the guinea pig.. I started the protocol on April 28 and stopped on June 6. During that time we went to the beach too..

I am not going to say it was easy.. Actually it wasnt easy.. But I will say this: I retrained my thinking about food and how it affected me.. I also learned to really really really never want to have to do that diet again.. lol I was THE ONLY ONE at the beach that couldnt eat whatever I wanted.. I am not going to sugar coat it and say I was nice about it.. LOL Because I wasnt.. I whined and cried about how I couldnt have a margarita or chocolate cake that everyone else was eating and drinking..But I DID lose 5 pounds that week alone.. So it wasnt all for naught!

I ended up losing 30 pounds during that 40 day period and have lost an additional 8 pounds since.. I am praying I will continue to lose 7 more pounds..

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Leigh710 said...

You look great where you are! :)

Following through and sticking with it is the hard part! keep it up! :)