Friday, August 29, 2008

It is TIME!

It is time for me to announce that due to all the commitments that I have in my life, I can no longer run my store, Consignment Classics, located in Helena..I returned back to work at a local school doing what I love and with all the sporting events that my children are involved in and also having a son that's in college and also playing a sport that I am absolutely NO TIME leftover for a store.. Im exhausted by the time I leave school and the LAST thing I feel like doing is working another 2.5 hours! My husband has been covering for me for the past few weeks and he also works a full time job..He has been suffering from a terrible bout of gout that I am sure was exacerbated by all this extra stress..

We decided the other day that we needed to sell the business.. We are officially putting it out here..If you know anyone that would be interested in an established consignment shop located in some prime real estate area, please contact me at or call my store number and leave a message (205-277-9190)..VERY reasonably priced with EVERYTHING INCLUDED ( all clothing, consignors, computer, printer,phone,software, anything thats tied to the store stays) and the rent is very reasonable , for the area.. Business is growing every month and we have already OVER 240 consignors!! I really feel that this type of store is NEEDED in our area but I can no longer give anymore time to it.. If we cannot sell this business, the doors will close in December.. PLEASE let me know if you or someone you know is interested!!!

Saturday, August 23, 2008


Just about! Things have gotten rather hectic around the household these past few weeks.. As if you couldnt tell! I havent blogged in almost 3 weeks.. Of course, school started, along with nightly football practices for Tyler and Todd.. Then, came along the Jamborees they always play in and scrimmages.. If THAT wasnt enough stress, Whit started college at Anderson University in Anderson,South Carolina. We spent all last weekend moving him into his dorm room..VERY EMOTIONAL!!

I learned something last weekend while we were at the hotel eating breakfast, before going to the final activity with Whit before we left him at college..I learned that NO MATTER HOW HARD I tried to NOT cry, the tears came out with a vengeance! It was like my tears HAD to be released.. It didnt matter how much I tried to choke them back..My eyes were like a friggin waterfall.. And what sucked is it was all done in PUBLIC.. I felt fine before I went to eat breakfast.. I was a little sad about leaving Whit there.. Who wouldnt have been? He had been with me since he was BORN..

Then all of a sudden the flood gates opened and there I was, crying like a baby in front of all the other people that were eating breakfast at the hotel.. Im sure they thought I was a loon.. Either that or they felt sorry for me.. I wanted to say " Hey, its cool, my oldest son is starting college and we are moving him in" just so people wouldnt think someone DIED.. lol I was so embarrassed..

Anyway, on top of THAT stress, I started a new job on August 4 ON TOP of the store..Steve has been opening the store at noon..I am so busy that most days I cant even get by the store but for only a few minutes because I am running kids all over the city.. LOL One of these days I am going to look back at these days and MISS all of this running around.. NOT :)

Sunday, August 3, 2008

A Kind of Trip Back In Time!!

Last night Steve and I worked the concession stand for the Def Leppard concert..This is how we earn money to help pay for Tyler's football.. Anyway, I PLANNED on working for this event because after we work, we get to watch the concert..NICEEEEEEE!! Tyler is a HUGE Def Leppard fan, himself.. We would listen to a cd we made of Def Leppard tunes EVERY mor Tyler, being the AVID 80's metal/hair band enthusiest, came along too and brought a friend.. They bought tickets and watched the show and we joined them when our shift was over.. I have to admit.. I was a little concerned about how Def Leppard would be, especially since I saw them on "Dancing With The Stars" and they seemed to be performing a la Ashlee Simpson ( lip-syching ).. I was SO MAD when I watched that performance.. They sang "Pour Some Sugar On Me" and it sounded EXACTLY like the cd.. So, when I FINALLY got to join the boys, I was SO EXCITED to find that Def Leppard not only sounded GOOD..They also LOOKED good! I mean, they werent my type or anything.. lol I never thought they were hot.. BUT , for old geezers ( hey- they are way older than ME, and IM OLD LOL) they REALLY looked good! Even the lead guitarist, Phil Colin, had a friggin 6 pack and I swear, he looked JUST LIKE he did when I was 13!! Tyler was basically videoing the whole concert on his cell phone.. lol I have a few clips on mine too.. I LOVE Def Leppard!!! My fav song was "Rock Of Ages"!! It was AWESOME!!