Saturday, August 23, 2008


Just about! Things have gotten rather hectic around the household these past few weeks.. As if you couldnt tell! I havent blogged in almost 3 weeks.. Of course, school started, along with nightly football practices for Tyler and Todd.. Then, came along the Jamborees they always play in and scrimmages.. If THAT wasnt enough stress, Whit started college at Anderson University in Anderson,South Carolina. We spent all last weekend moving him into his dorm room..VERY EMOTIONAL!!

I learned something last weekend while we were at the hotel eating breakfast, before going to the final activity with Whit before we left him at college..I learned that NO MATTER HOW HARD I tried to NOT cry, the tears came out with a vengeance! It was like my tears HAD to be released.. It didnt matter how much I tried to choke them back..My eyes were like a friggin waterfall.. And what sucked is it was all done in PUBLIC.. I felt fine before I went to eat breakfast.. I was a little sad about leaving Whit there.. Who wouldnt have been? He had been with me since he was BORN..

Then all of a sudden the flood gates opened and there I was, crying like a baby in front of all the other people that were eating breakfast at the hotel.. Im sure they thought I was a loon.. Either that or they felt sorry for me.. I wanted to say " Hey, its cool, my oldest son is starting college and we are moving him in" just so people wouldnt think someone DIED.. lol I was so embarrassed..

Anyway, on top of THAT stress, I started a new job on August 4 ON TOP of the store..Steve has been opening the store at noon..I am so busy that most days I cant even get by the store but for only a few minutes because I am running kids all over the city.. LOL One of these days I am going to look back at these days and MISS all of this running around.. NOT :)


Leigh said...

I out the biz on my blog.
Remember to breathe.....

Michelle said...

I saw..Thanks so much for the write up about it..Im going to do a write up soon about it..

HEWY said...

Whoa! You didnt mention a new job on top of all of that. I know you can do it!

Jenny G said...

I got teary just reading this, we are getting ready to send our first to Kindergarten next week and I can barely handle it, I cannot imagine college!

Charnita's Xpressions said...

Hope you find a buyer....wish I could do it, but I started a new job as well.
I get teary eyed when my son spends the night away, so I can't even imagine.
Take care of yourself!!!