Friday, August 29, 2008

It is TIME!

It is time for me to announce that due to all the commitments that I have in my life, I can no longer run my store, Consignment Classics, located in Helena..I returned back to work at a local school doing what I love and with all the sporting events that my children are involved in and also having a son that's in college and also playing a sport that I am absolutely NO TIME leftover for a store.. Im exhausted by the time I leave school and the LAST thing I feel like doing is working another 2.5 hours! My husband has been covering for me for the past few weeks and he also works a full time job..He has been suffering from a terrible bout of gout that I am sure was exacerbated by all this extra stress..

We decided the other day that we needed to sell the business.. We are officially putting it out here..If you know anyone that would be interested in an established consignment shop located in some prime real estate area, please contact me at or call my store number and leave a message (205-277-9190)..VERY reasonably priced with EVERYTHING INCLUDED ( all clothing, consignors, computer, printer,phone,software, anything thats tied to the store stays) and the rent is very reasonable , for the area.. Business is growing every month and we have already OVER 240 consignors!! I really feel that this type of store is NEEDED in our area but I can no longer give anymore time to it.. If we cannot sell this business, the doors will close in December.. PLEASE let me know if you or someone you know is interested!!!


HEWY said...

Sorry to see it go! I hope to see you around the schools!

Michelle said...

HOPEFULLY it wont be going anywhere..Hopefully, someone will buy it and continue it here in Helena.. Thats what I am hoping for!

Leigh said...

I hope you find a seller. It really is a great business for the area. You have fabulous items and prices. But I know all to well how you need time.

I wish you the best, Ellis'!