Sunday, September 21, 2008

Boy, is time flying!

You can tell that we are very busy! I look up and its almost October! Im gonna look up and Christmas will be here!!! A quick update- no one has really shown any interest in buying the store from us.. I am not understanding this.. Considering all the people that tell us that they love the store..I guess they are scared to invest? I totally understand that thought..But what people dont understand is when you own a consignment shop, you dont have to buy your merchandise..People BRING their merchandise to you.. We dropped the price a bit, to maybe stimulate some interest..We are asking $15,500 now.. So if you know anyone interested, have them email me!

Tyler and Todd are both busy playing football right now.. Todd is playing CENTER for Helena Wildcats 130# team and Tyler is playing Linebacker and QB(back up) on Pelham High Schools Freshman team..Tyler got over 15 tackles last week at Linebacker against Mountain Brook! Todd's snapping the ball from the shotgun position, one handed, and has only funmbled one snap so far..He says that the ball was completely wet and so it was slippery..Not bad considering we noticed about 5 or 6 fumbled snaps at the Freshman games alone.. lol Im hoping that both boys continue to do well, even of the teams dont win big.. :)

Whit has been doing pretty good with baseball too.. He was told by his baseball coach at Anderson University that he will be pitching 87-88 MPH by the end of the FALL! Hes left handed, too! Im hoping he continues to do well with all of that, and make decent grades too.. lol I am waiting for the website at Anderson to update so I can post some photos of Whit and the baseball team..

I will try to post more often, as time permits.. I miss blogging!!


Leigh said...

Miss you! Glad things are going well. I will continue to spread the word on the store.

Leigh said...

MIss you@!

Leigh710 said...

You should post more! :)