Wednesday, September 16, 2015

My Life Lately- WHAT?! Its ALREADY 2015?! ALMOST 2016?!

My life lately has become one of constant change. Whit and Tyler are now really working hard, sacrificing everything to become a successful band. Todd is starting his first year of college and adjusting to that.. I am working at Helena High School, loving what I do and Steve is still working for Schwans. Not much has changed, except that I am about 20 pounds heavier and my health is having some issues.. Will be seeing a rheumatologist on Oct 8 to see whats going on.. All I know is I an too young to feel this old!

I have really been into Big Brother and want Johnny Mac to win.. He will probably be sent to jury today.. Booo .. I LOVE The Walking Dead too, along with Fear The Walking Dead.. I may start a running commentary on the shows.. Its been a while since I blogged and Im thinking its time to start again! Stay tuned!